Executive Search Recruiting Process

During the past 15 years, Thacher Executive Search, LLC. has developed a thorough and proven process for finding the right executive.

Step 1: Discovery

Thacher Executive Search, LLC. will study your industry, your organization and the position to ensure a solid foundation from which to build job specifications and a sound search strategy.

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Step 2: Development

Thacher Executive Search, LLC. will conduct extensive agenda interviews with your management team and the board of directors as needed to develop a Position Description. Adam will personally work with you to articulate key qualities that ideal candidates will need to bring to the new position. He will also resolve any internal conflicts that may affect the recruitment process. The end result of this phase is a robust document that not only outlines the needs of your organization, but also represents the position as an attractive opportunity.

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Step 3: Strategy and Identification

Next, Thacher Executive Search, LLC. establishes a recruitment strategy, including the identification of companies and candidates from which the firm will recruit. This step in the process is completely transparent to you. Individuals identified for recruitment and the companies they are from will be identified. Any concerns you may have regarding confidentiality or hands-off questions will be addressed immediately.

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Step 4: Screening and Evaluation

Candidates are initially screened by telephone. The most qualified ones will be sent the Position Description document. Thacher Executive Search, LLC. will then follow up with in-person interviews, and further concentrate on a select pool of executives. After the in-person interviews, you will be presented with the resumes of the executives who best meet the specifications of the position and who best fit the culture of the company.

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Step 5: Reference and Background Checks

When it is time to make an offer to a candidate, Thacher Executive Search, LLC. reaches out to former managers, peers and subordinates to validate the executive candidate's career accomplishments and for a final assurance that the individual has exhibited the skills in real-world scenarios for which he or she has been recruited. Additionally, background checks will be performed to eliminate the possibility of a candidate's criminal wrongdoing and to verify educational credentials.

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Step 6: Structuring the Offer

Thacher Executive Search, LLC. works closely with you and the finalist to close the search. Adam will provide assistance and guidance during the negotiation to set base salaries, bonuses, stock options, etc. until a mutually beneficial package is agreed upon.

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Step 7: Transition

The recruitment process isn't over until the executive starts in their new job. Thacher Executive Search, LLC. will continue to work with you and with your newly hired executive through the process of resignation from his or her previous employer. By reaching out to that executive to make sure questions or concerns are addressed proactively, Thacher Executive Search, LLC. provides the tools he or she needs to deal with counter offers or any other challenges.

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We provide direct personal involvement from start to finish.
We believe getting the fit right between candidates and your culture is critical.
We're experienced and proven in many industries.
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