Client Testimonials

"When you work with Adam you immediately experience his commitment to making the process as easy for you as possible. He never hesitates to get on a plane, call someone up or meet you anywhere to keep the process running smoothly. And, perhaps this leads to the best reason to work with Adam, which is that he is a genuinely great guy that really knows what he is doing. Only one outcome is possible for him, a great hire for you."

John Monson, John Monson Consulting (former VP Marketing at Intuit)

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"I highly recommend Adam Thacher as an executive search consultant. We have retained Adam twice and would not hesitate to do so again. Our first project was the recruitment of a CFO for one of our portfolio companies; the second was a Vice President of Marketing and Sales for another. In both cases, we were very pleased with the results and the search process. We recruited two highly qualified candidates. Adam completed both projects quickly (the second in 60 days) and was a pleasure to work with. He was sensitive to our needs as well as those of our CEOs. We appreciated his regular communication and his high level of involvement throughout."

Jim Shorin, Managing Member, Horizon Holdings

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"I retained Adam to recruit a Vice President of Sales for us and was extremely pleased with both the results and the process. Adam helped us recruit a first class individual and I found him to be very "hands on" throughout the entire engagement. I have worked with many executive recruiters in my career; Adam demonstrated more flexibility and provided a higher level of service than most. In particular, he did not hand off my project to junior recruiters as soon as our project was initiated. I would not hesitate to use Adam again."

Maureen MacInnis, Vice President of Global Human Resources, Dentsply

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"Adam Thacher provided recruiting services for 3DV Systems, an early stage company of which I am an investor. Adam recruited 3DV's Vice President of Marketing and Sales when the company only had one full time employee in the United States, with the balance of the company based in Israel. The company had no customers, limited proof of concept and was in the midst of a round of funding. Adam was able to recruit an individual who had:

  • Twenty plus years in the consumer electronics industry (the industry we wanted someone from), building new business within a large multi-national company.

  • Previously turned around a nearly bankrupt company that had been written off by investors.

  • Strong strategic thinking skills to complement his sales and marketing abilities.

  • Extensive international sales and marketing experience (many of the customers for the company will be in Japan and Europe).

I was absolutely astounded by Adam's dedicated pursuit for the best talent available. I will use Adam as an executive recruiter again and recommend him highly."

Jeff Braun, Founder, Maxis, Inc.

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"As Chief Executive Officer of Aroma Candle and Scent, I recently retained Adam to complete a search for a Vice President of Sales and Marketing. I was extremely satisfied with both the process and the results. Throughout my career at IBM, ROLM and a number of other companies, I have had the opportunity to work with many executive recruiters.

Adam distinguishes himself from his peers by his professionalism, commitment and personal involvement. In addition, his many years of operating experience in the industry provide a breadth of experience that is both unique and extremely valuable.

To initiate the search, Adam helped us to formulate an effective position description, solid recruiting strategy and appropriate compensation package. Throughout the recruiting process Adam was personally involved on a daily basis and was successful in sourcing highly qualified, available, and interested candidates. Finally, he was valuable in selecting and attracting the right individual. The results were excellent. We hired a great person in record time (60 days).

Adam is responsive, professional and articulate. I found him a pleasure to work with. I would readily retain Adam for future search assignments and have no hesitation in recommending him."

Mike Nelson, Chief Executive Officer, Aroma Candle and Scent, a Tangent Fund Company

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"Richard has been here for four years and has helped us triple the revenues of Dolby's Consumer Division to $125,000,000. As you may recall, this group was then (and is today) the largest part of all of Dolby's businesses. In addition to his outstanding business results, I am also very pleased with Richard's skills as a manager. He is responsible for an 85-person group on a day-to-day basis, including some of our overseas offices, and because of the confidence I have in him, I am able focus my efforts on new initiatives, such as the creation of our new Via Licensing business and other long-term projects.

Thank you for your work on this endeavor. In retrospect, there were a number of aspects of your work on that project which I greatly appreciated:

  • The search was completed in less than 90 days.

  • You communicated well: I was always kept 100% informed.

  • The project stayed on track during a weeklong trip I made to Asia at a critical phase in the search, due to your persistence and attention to detail.

  • You identified a great candidate early on; Richard was the first one I met.

  • You researched company relocation policies for us and gained consensus inside the company for the adoption of a new policy that was needed to recruit high-level employees such as Richard.

Adam, I look forward to working with you again and wish you the best for every success."

Ed Schummer, Senior Vice President & General Manager (Retired), Consumer Division, Dolby Laboratories

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"Thank you very much for helping us recruit both a Vice President of Operations and a new Vice President of Sales to Worldwise during the last year. They have both started to make contributions to our business and I have high hopes for them.

As you know, when we started these searches, I had not worked with a retained search firm before. You were very easy to work with and we really appreciate all the efforts you made to keep the process moving ahead during a very busy time for our company. I believe your understanding of our business and of consumer products generally helped us reach successful outcomes on both projects. You generated strong candidates for us to work with and they had positive things to say about working with you. We also appreciate the fact that you negotiated well on our behalf and helped us overcome obstacles to getting a deal done with each candidate. We found you to be a smart and capable recruiter and would be pleased to talk to any potential client about our positive experience working with you. I wish you all the best for success in the coming years and look forward to working with you again."

Aaron Lamstein, Chief Executive Officer, Worldwise, Inc.

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Our firm, and my associate Mike Faremouth and I, in particular, were delighted with your firm's work on this recent executive recruiting assignment. As you know, I have worked with a number of recruiters in the past, and the service from Thacher Executive Search, LLC. was clearly among the best. From the start to finish you did an outstanding job of vetting key issues, anticipating and preparing us for next steps in the project and making certain that nothing fell through the cracks.

We felt you provided a robust pool of candidates and after final interviews, we were in the enviable situation of having two great individuals to choose from. We had initially set a goal with you of completing the project in 90 days and were pleasantly surprised to have a candidate closed in 75 days. Thank you for your hands on involvement in interviewing and screening every candidate in person. We were impressed that you continued to work hard finding new candidates until almost the end of the project in the event that we did not close one of our two finalists.

The quality of your project management and organization skills were important in keeping the assignment moving along; having weekly conference calls and prodding us to resolve issues ahead of time allowed us to stay on track. When we got to negotiating the final offer you had done your homework with us and the candidate, so that there were no surprises on either side. We were impressed with how smoothly you were able to identify all the key issues and constraints for both sides and resolve them quickly, even when faced with a relatively short deadline.

As you know, we have a long history in the Private Equity business. We have owned over 85 companies in our 25 years in business. In our experience, recruiting Presidents who can work with the CEO/founders is very challenging. You did an outstanding job for us and we will not hesitate to work with you again.

Daniel DeSantis, Managing Director, Linsalata Capital Partners

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In my career, I have managed from the client side close to 300 executive searches so I believe my recommendation of Adam comes from at least a place of reasonable experience. I recommend him on the following five key criteria which I think differentiates his services from virtually all of the top retained search consultants in North America:

  • Fit: Adam spends a lot of time understanding the current culture of the hiring organization and the cultural changes it needs. The number one reason for failed searches is "fit", not money or missed skill set. I've worked with recruiters who fill CEO spots at some of the largest global companies and Adam is as good at getting the "fit' right as the very best of this elite crowd.

  • Adaptability: While Adam specializes in senior management and sales/marketing roles he is very adaptable to searches in a variety of disciplines and has done excellent work for us in areas such as logistics and manufacturing.

  • Reputation: Recruiters represent your company and Adam enhances my client companies' reputations. Consider that every candidate but one that is involved in the search will be rejected. Once they are off the list, most recruiters ignore those candidates leaving a wake of talented people in the industry who think badly of your company because they were treated disrespectfully. It happens in most searches and clients never even know. Adam leaves every rejected candidate with a feeling that he or she was treated professionally and with a positive impression of the hiring firm. This is an important component of search often overlooked and handled well by only a very few recruiters.

  • Quality: Adam is one of a very small number of recruiters who - in order to maintain quality - limits the number of searches on which he will work at any one time. We are a pretty good sized client for him but he twice this year has refused to take on a new search until he was ready to do the right job on it. While I am not patient by nature, I know most recruiters would have taken the job and farmed the work to another recruiter without the client's knowledge. From Adam, I always get top quality work and top quality candidates.

  • Success: He gets great candidates who succeed and he does it consistently.

John Linehan, Managing Director, Linehan Consulting

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We were very pleased with his results and I cannot compliment Adam enough on his professionalism throughout the entire process of this search. I believe Adam's success is due in great part to the fact that he limits the number of searches he takes on at any given time allowing him to focus and truly produce top notch candidates as a result. I have worked with many recruiters in my 20 years in human resources and Adam is among the best.

Nori Kricensky, Vice President Human Resources, Smith& Hawken Ltd.

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I have worked with many executive recruiters over the years and there a number of aspects of your work that I appreciated:

  • You were always professional in the way that you conducted yourself throughout the engagement.

  • I always got the sense that you were working extremely hard for us and acted as a true partner to the company; you almost seemed to become part of Transpac. I never got the feeling that you were simply trying to fill the position.

  • You spent the time necessary to understand the culture of our company, including getting to know all the key senior managers.

  • You developed a well targeted candidate list based on the criteria we mutually agreed on. I never felt as though you wasted my time with candidates that were not qualified.

  • You were accessible and able to discuss our search when I needed to reach you, and I appreciated the weekly phone calls keeping me abreast of progress and key issues.

Douglas Lauer, CEO, Transpac Imports Inc.

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