Success Stories

In addition to Adam Thacher's extensive experience in executive search, his many years of operating experience provide a breadth of experience that is unique and extremely valuable in the recruitment of executive-level professionals.

Recruiting a seasoned executive for a very early stage company

An Israeli-based company was three to six months away from shipping its first product. While the CEO had very strong technical skills, he had not run a company in the US before. After developing a solid understanding of technological strengths and its market applications, validating the company's strategic direction, Thacher Executive Search, LLC. encouraged the client to share confidential information from potential customers who had seen concept versions of their products with the leading candidates. Armed with all this data, the firm was able to recruit a proven, first-class electronics industry executive from a very large multi-national organization.

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Recruiting a proven executive for a high-risk situation

A client came to Thacher Executive Search, LLC. in the midst of a turnaround and asked the firm to recruit a new senior executive. The company was in severe financial difficulty, sales had declined more than 50%, a number of senior executives had been terminated and major customers had experienced quality/delivery problems. Thacher analyzed the company's big picture situation and outlined the positive points of the turnaround: well-received brands, excellent new product ideas, high-quality manufacturing capabilities, a proven CEO, and an investor with substantial financial resources. The firm focused on finding the right candidate who could look beyond the short-term risks and see substantial rewards based on the company's potential. Ultimately Thacher was able to recruit a seasoned executive who had faith in the products and the CEO, was extremely knowledgeable with the established sales channels, and was enthusiastic about his very competitive long-term incentive plan.

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Attracting an industry "star" from a prestigious company

In the midst of turning around a large industrial products business, a client identified an industry "star" that should be contacted for networking purposes, but assured Thacher Executive Search, LLC. that this executive would not be interested in a new opportunity. By spending time with this executive, the firm was able to identify her long-term career requirements and shape the opportunity in such a way that she was not only interested, but joined the new team to fulfill her long-term plan.

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Focusing a busy client on doing the right things

When a particular client repeatedly missed appointments with leading candidates, Thacher Executive Search, LLC. realized that opportunities were being put in jeopardy. By missing meetings and failing to make scheduled phone calls, candidates were losing interest in the position. Thacher stepped in and managed the recruitment from both sides of the relationship, moderating and monitoring conversations and meetings, following up with both the client and candidate after scheduled meetings, and strongly encouraging the client to rectify missed appointments even during personal time at home. After hiring an excellent candidate, the client thanked Thacher for the heightened involvement.

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Recruiting a proven executive for a small company in a low interest category

A client in the snack category asked us to recruit a head of sales and marketing. The company was small but had a high level of brand acceptance with consumers, and the potential for 5x growth. Thacher Executive Search, LLC. developed a detailed understanding of the company's current and potential business situation, and was able to shape this position at a $5M company in a low interest category into an attractive and exciting opportunity. After recruiting many outstanding, enthusiastic candidates, a first rate professional was found for the position.

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Creative compensation: Satisfying a candidate's requirements without giving up equity

A leveraged buy-out client owned 100% of a small consumer products manufacturing company and wanted to attract a successful executive without giving up any equity. The leading candidate knew he would build value for the company, but didn't like the fact that he wouldn't share in the increase in that value as an equity owner. After extensive discussions with both parties, Thacher Executive Search, LLC. created a compensation plan that gave the candidate the opportunity to earn substantial cash bonuses with no limit on the upside potential, as well as an additional substantial cash bonus if the company were purchased. With compensation directly related to the business results over which the candidate had the most control, the client was able to hire him without compromising their equity position.