Benefits of Thacher Executive Search, LLC.

Thacher Executive Search, LLC. prides itself on the ability to focus and execute quickly; to get the right executive faster than a larger, less nimble national firm.

Execute, Execute, Execute

Thacher Executive Search, LLC. will drive you through a proven Executive Search Recruiting Process to find your ideal executive candidate. With sensitivity to your extremely valuable time, Thacher Executive Search, LLC. schedules and manages all aspects of the project to help you navigate through the recruiting process to achieve the desired end result: an executive who can do the job, is excited about the company, and can work closely and successfully with the team that's already in place.

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Laser Focus

When you're looking for a corporate leader to take your company to the next level, too many months spent searching for the right executive is time that your company is not moving forward. Thacher Executive Search, LLC. remains a boutique executive search firm by design and by strategy-sharp focus on no more than three or four executive searches at a time gives the firm the ability to complete an assignment quickly and with the highest degree of satisfaction for you and for the executive.

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The Perfect Fit

There's more to finding the ideal candidate than simply finding the right skill set. Thacher Executive Search, LLC. focuses on finding the individual who not only can bring all the required skills to the table, but also fits the dynamics of your executive team and board members, as well as your unique company culture. By developing an in-depth understanding of each organization and matching a candidate's career goals and personality to, Thacher Executive Search, LLC. has an excellent track record for finding that candidate who is the perfect fit.

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The Proof is in the Results

When you engage Thacher Executive Search, LLC., you will recruit an executive that suits your requirements and culture. By continuing a commitment of personal involvement in every search, founder Adam Thacher develops a relationship with you and your company, Adam understands exactly what you need in an executive. He then successfully recruits the right executive to meet that need.

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We provide direct personal involvement from start to finish.
We believe getting the fit right between candidates and your culture is critical.
We're experienced and proven in many industries.
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