Business Philosophy

Adam Thacher founded Thacher Executive Search, LLC. with the mission of providing the highest level of personalized services for retained senior-level searches. By accepting fewer assignments at any given time, Adam is able to be involved in all aspects of a project to ensure the greatest degree of customer satisfaction.

Speed of Execution

Thacher Executive Search, LLC. is highly focused, executing no more than three or four searches at a given time. As a result, his clients receive a high level of attention, resulting in more timely completion of assignments.

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In-depth Understanding of Your Business

Adam's years of experience in both search and line management help him to better understand your company and the unique nature of each assignment, enabling the formulation and execution of a successful recruiting strategy that specifically caters to your requirements.

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Meet the Needs of Company Management and Investors

Private companies often pose unique recruiting challenges. Adam understands the related complexities, challenges and opportunities that accompany managing the needs of two clients - company management and the investor - assisting in structuring compensation, negotiating executive employment agreements, and recruiting the right executive for the position even in the absence of public data that articulates the company's competitive position.

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Source the Best Candidates

Many large search firms enforce "hands off" relationships, meaning they are unable to recruit executives from long list of companies. As a small firm, Thacher Executive Search, LLC. has virtually no restrictions in this regard and is thus able to access a larger pool of qualified candidates.

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Focus on Results

By accepting a limited number of assignments, Thacher Executive Search, LLC. is able to offer you the highest level of personal commitment. The project is not complete until you are 100% satisfied.

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We provide direct personal involvement from start to finish.
We believe getting the fit right between candidates and your culture is critical.
We're experienced and proven in many industries.
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